Electronic Cleaning Wipes


Lab Use Electronic Disposable Cleaning Cleanroom Wiper

Material: 55% wood pulp+ 45% Polyester

Weight: 52g/m2, 56g/m2, 60g/m2

Size: 4” x 4″, 6” x 6″, 9” x 9″, 12” x12″ etc

Package Method: 150pcs/bag,10bags/box


1. Resistant to solvents and cleaning agents. highly Absorbent.
2. Great for spill pickup and general cleaning in cleanrooms, labs and industrial maintenance.

Application Fields


  1. Wiping cleanroom,optics instrument,electronic,apparatus,precision instruments.
  2. Cleaning appliance and instrument in fiber manufacturing and laboratory.
  3. Cleaning machine in food processing, printing and packaging industry.
  4. Cleaning oil , Water, Dust and chemical reagent on parts and tools.
  5. Wiping the untensils and tops of the lab,kitchen etc.
  6. Wiping and maintaining the mechanical equipments.
  7. Cleaning the transmission belts and rollers.


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