Pre-infiltrated Cleaning Wipes

Pre-infiltrated Cleaning Wipes, with abrasive non woven material(also called poly spun, dual-sided feature that has a rougher abrasive side on one side).

Reusable nature, won’t scratch.




Pre-infiltrated Cleaning Wipers, Made by abrasive non woven fabric material


Reusable nature, won’t scratch.

Naturally degradable, environment-friendly.

Benefits and widely use.

Can be versatile-added your own preferred disinfecting solution.



Master roll of dry wipes for Pre-infiltrated Cleaning Wipers.

Surface preparation, removing the dirty, such as industrial plantprocess, personal use.

Waterless cleaner cut through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint after adding chemical.

Used for almost every job from grime to wiping up oil spills to cleaning hands.

The ideal alternative to soap, water and dry rags. Won’t leave a residue.



Pattern: Smooth, Embossed.

Range of basic weight: 33gsm~100gsm.

Color: Blue, grape, yellow, red, gray, orange, pink.

Composition: 100% Polypropylene.

Range of width:10cm~162cm.

Max OD:75cm.

Core size:7.62cm

All above specification can be customised.


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