SMT Stencil Clean Roll

SMT Stencil Clean Roll made by our quality wood pulp & Polyester non woven fabric.

Both in White and Blue Color.

Various of size for different printing machine.


SMT Stencil Clean Roll

1) Suitable for SMT machines of MPM, DEK, JUKI, ERKA, FUJI, Sanyo, Yamaha, Panasonic, KME and Minami brands
2) Material designed specifically for SMT screen printers
3) Paper types: 68g, 65g, 55g, 56g, 60g and 40g
4) It ideal for absorbing paste, solvents and adhesives
5) Cleanmaster is a non-woven, extra strength material that has excellent wetting characteristics,

We can offer all kinds of clean wiper for  MPM, DEK, PANASRET, KME, MINAMI, JUKI, FUKI, SANYO, EARK, SAMTCH, SPPV, JUKI and other various models. According to demands of various specifications.

Stencil Clean Rolls:

Machine  Specification Core
MINAMI 8mm*270mm*6m Plastic Core: 290mm
EKRA 13.5mm*300mm*7m Paper Core:400mm
13.5mm*400mm*7m Paper Core:400mm
MPM 19.5mm*250mm*10m Paper Core:455mm
19.5mm*300mm*10m Paper Core:455mm
19.5mm*450mm*10m Paper Core:455mm
Samsung 20mm*400mm*10m Plastic Core:460mm
Plastic Core:350mm
Suneast 20mm*400mm*10m Plastic Core:400mm
SONY 20mm*260mm*20m Plastic Core:280mm
DEK 20mm*400mm*9m Plastic Core:530mm
20mm*490mm*9m Plastic Core:530mm
YAMAHA 25.5mm*350mm*15m Paper Core:360mm
25.5mm*420mm*30m Paper Core:420mm
Panasonic/KME 38mm*350mm*15m Paper Core:355mm
38mm*480mm*15m Paper Core:480mm


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