Non woven Microfiber Cloths

Microfiber Disposable Non-woven Cloth

Similar Quality to “Evolon Cloths”

Both in Roll or Folded format.


Non woven Microfiber Cloths

Made by 70% Polyester 30% Polymide with Spunlace Non woven Technic, available in 60-200gsm.

Blend with other viscose and polyester is available.

Both Jumbo Rolls and Convert to any size of wipes.

Character of Non woven Microfiber Cloths:

(1) Tear resistant;

(2) Washable and durable

(3) Super soft touch

(4) Scratching free


(1) Cleaning wipes for all kinds of glasses, sunglasses, lens
(2) Bathroom application- bath towel, hairdressing towel
(3) Premium cleaning wipes for kitchen, factory, restaurant, and hospital
(4) Car cleaning wipes for high-class vehicles


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