MicroFiber Cloths

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we offer customer various of quality microfiber cleaning cloths and towels.

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MicroFiber Cloths is a knitted woven wipes(Microfiber is made from a type of synthetic fiber that is smaller than 1 denier, or 100 times smaller than a human hair).

Different from the non woven wipes which is mostly disposable, microfiber cloths is durable and sometimes is widely used.

Characteristic of Microfiber cloths:

1.Micro fiber Cleaning cloth is very useful to cleaning and washing.
2. High water and grease absorption, 6 or 8 times better.
3. Easy to wash without detergent.
4. Quickly drying, 7 times better.
5. Micro fiber Towel is much more durable than cotton cloth.
6. Soft touch provides you great comfort.
7. Cozy and elegancy look.
8. No bad odors.
9. No germ even in wet condition
10. Anti -bacterial treatment available
11. Various fabric available each application
12. Materials, microfiber polyester and polyamide mixed.

Specifications of the Microfiber cloth we supplied

1. Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide; 70% polyester, 30% polyamide or 100% polyester
2. Size: 30*30cm, 35*35cm, 40*40cm, any size available
3. Color: Pink, orange, blue…
4. Weight: 180-400GSM
5. Packing: Customer packing accept(bulk packing, OPP bag, color card, customer packing accept)
6. Use:Home, Hotel, Sports, Beach, Gift, Car cleaning


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