Lint Free Disposable Wipes

Lint Free Disposable Wipes

Made by Woodpulp Non woven spunlace fabric, plain/embossing/creped etc.

OEM Prival label Lint Free Wipes for you.


Lint Free Disposable Wipes


High water and oil absorbency.
Absorbent—soaks up to four times its weight in water;Absorbs oil and solvents- great for cleaning up spills, hands and equipment.
Lint free—leaves behind virtually none of the lint you get with paper.No added binders or glue that can dissolve on the surface to contaminate your work.
Effectively picks up dirt and dust.
Washes easily, inexpensive enough to treat as a disposable
Good tensile and abrasion resistance,

Soft enough for polishing and finishing.


Wiping the seriously contaminated equipments and parts.
Repairing and maintaining the equipments of the production line.
Surface treatment combining with the solvent.

Cleaning the rough surface.
Maintaining the automotive and cleaning the surface before painting.
Wiping hands and the users themselves.


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