Disposable Wash Gloves

Washing Gloves made by soft viscose non woven fabric, they are suitable for professional washing of bedridden or dependent individuals in hospitals, nursing homes and home healthcare. They are also helpful for outpatient care, maternity and baby care. Use with water, soap or lotion, as required. The highly absorbent wash gloves also help to dry patients quickly and easily. For single use only.


Washing Gloves, Disposable Wash Gloves



Viscose Non-woven Fabric

  • 70 to 80gsm needle punched nonwoven material
  • 50 to 100 gsm spunlace nonwoven material
  • 40-60gsm Chemical Bonding Non woven Fabric Material



15x23cm/15x22cm/15×23.5cm/16x23cm/16x25cm/or according to client’s requests


white or as your request


sewed seal, ultrasonic seal, heat seal

  • Low Factory Price, hygienic and an effective infections control measure.
  • Disposable for reduced risk of cross-contamination and Hospital-Acquired Infections.
  • Each wash glove has a reinforced seal for good tear-resistant wet-strength performance.
  • All wash gloves are made fragrance-free Viscose non-woven material.Good Absorbent.
  • Product is also lint-free, which means there is no residual fiber after use.


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