Alcohol Pad

Alcohol Prep Pads are ideal for antiseptic skin preparation prior to injection or venipuncture.

Impregnated with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Povidone Iodine Prep Pads are ideal for antiseptic skin preparation, venipuncture, I.V. starts, renal dialysis, pre-operation.


Alcohol Pads


  • 70% isopropyl alcohol for optimum anti-bacterial action
  • Use as an antiseptic skin cleanser before injection with insulin syringes, pen needles and lancets
  • Four-layer wrapper provides air-tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out
  • Individually foil wrapped for convenience
  • Thicker, softer
Material: Non woven fabric(60% viscose, 20% polyester og 20% other synthetic fibers with alcohol solution), cotton or  wet strengthing paper
pad size 3x3cm,3x6cm,6x6cm,9×4.2cm,15x15cm 14x19cm 8x3cm,13x20cm 14x11cm etc
aluminum foil pouch size  5x5cm, 6x8cm,10x10cm,6.5×3.5cm,6.2x7cm,9x5cm,6x5cm 3.7x9cm etc
 disinfector Isopropyl ,Ethanol, klorhexidin, Glycerin,  povidone-iodine, acetone, benzocaine, methyl acetate, isoparaffin,etz



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