Non woven Wax Strips: Knowledge Base

What is Non woven Waxing Strips?

Wax strips usually comes to Woven Wax strips (muslin waxing strips) and non woven wax strips.

It is a hair removal product, woman(even man) use this wax strips removal the hair from body to keep beauty.

The raw material for non woven waxing strips is 70gsm spunlace non woven fabric, with stiff hand feeling with special treatment.

Compare to muslin waxing strips, non woven wax strips made by us is much cheaper, and much popular.

We exported 4 containers of non woven wax strips every month to UK, Italy, US, Australia etc. Also we exported 6 containers of spunlace fabric material to our customers who made the finished wax strips by themselves.

While not as strong as cotton woven made Muslin, non-woven strips still get the job done, while taking it easy on the consumer’s budget, you save a lot.

How to use the non woven strips?

1. Depilatory wax strips or rolls are designed for removal hair on legs, face and armpit. This kind paper needs to use with wax.

2. Firstly paint some wax on your skin evenly, then paste this paper on wax, after about 20-30 seconds, the paper well stick with wax,

3. Now we can tear it off as fast as possible.

Non woven Waxing Sheet
Non woven Waxing Sheet


Is the waxing business good?

The answer is defined. People like beauty and hate the extra hair. See the big company made the brand wax strips as below:
Veet,Nads,Nair,Sally hansen, Clean + Easy, Parissa, Blue Steel Sports , Surgi-wax, bliss Poetic,Moom, Persian, Hair Off , Andrea, Moujan 2000, Avon, Brigitte, TAMANALA, Miracle Sealants , Completely Bare,  Bikini Zone, Cool Gel

So many brand deal with this business and they sell a lot of wax strips every year and you can see this business is hot.

Hair removal is necessary for many women and men, it takes the waxing business is a reliable business.

Once a customer is engaged in waxing services and she/he is satisfied with your services, they will come back again. You can get continuous profit with the royal customers. Nowadays the Brazilian waxing is very popular. When the hot summer is approaching, the girls would like to wax their bikini area so that they can show their body in the beach. Bikini area is very sensitive and most of girls cannot remove this part of hair since it is hard to reach and waxing needs professional training. That is a good chance for your beauty service providing.

Also too choose a wax products is important. The non woven waxing strips should one of your best option. You can also retail to your customer as well.

How to get non woven waxing strips from China?

As the waxing business is hot and growing, many importers want to get their wax strips products from China with cheap price.

If you have been found us which is very lucky because we possible the most cheapest price manufacturer in China.

Because we do not have any middle ways: we offer spunlace raw material to produce the non woven wax strips but also we make the finished products of depilatory waxing strips and wax strip rolls.

100pcs Spunlace Wax Strip
100pcs Spunlace Wax Strip
We also make other beauty disposables you may interested, please check the below link for learn our more products you may be interested:



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