Lint Free Wipes: Meet your Requirement

low lint wipes is a cleaning cloths leave surfaces linting free after cleaning, they are ideal for use where contaminant control is essential such as cleaning and preparing surfaces prior to painting, or removing sealer. Hznonwoven, the producer of non woven professional hygiene products, has launched several kinds of low-lint wiper for technical cleaning tasks involving sensitive surfaces. Designed to meet the needs of clients in lint and static electricity-sensitive industries such as electronics, aircraft manufacturing, printing, vehicle painting and food processing, our Low-Lint Cleaning Cloths delivers extremely low-lint cleaning, certified anti-static properties, excellent solvent use and a high absorption capacity of oil and water. We can use different material to produce our lint free cloth to different application,based on our high quality wipes, all of the end user will thinking worth spending money on such a lint free wipes.

Material Types of Lint Free Wipes

  • Polypropylene/Cellulose – High absorbency, durable, resistant to acids and other chemicals, autoclavable
  • Blue Polypropylene/Cellulose – Visual inspection background, general purpose cleaning
  • Polyester/Cellulose – Economical, high absorbency, cellulose core for excellent wicking of solvents
  • Meltblown Bonded Polypropylene – Multi layer, high duability and sorbent, engineered for use with acids, certified for contact with food
  • Hydroentangled Viscose/Polyester – Highly absorbent with all liquids, durable, soft, non-scratching
  • Spunlaced Polyester – Very clean, absorbent with solvents, soft non-scratching, strong wet or dry
  • Cotton – 100% Biodegradable, low ionic contamination, heat resistant, high absorbency, no binders
  • Knitted100% Microfiber – the linting free microfiber cloths is durable,not like fibers made, it is an actual textiles.

The different fibers made lint free wipes has different performance. Find our wipes range you can get your wipes anyway.

Wiping Area of Lint Free Wipes

Offering softness, strength, absorbency and low-linting, Hznonwoven Lint Free Cleaning ClothS is designed to improve the process of cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting sensitive components, tools and surfaces across a range of industries:

– Electronics: Cleaning and polishing exterior casings and interior parts requires a strong and soft solution that leaves no residues. Suitable for use in an electrostatic protective area, this wiper will help prevent harmful static discharge.

– Aircraft manufacturing: Our cloth delivers the precise cleaning required for interlocking parts, as well as a polished look with no dye.

– Print Shops: In an environment where preparing of surfaces for print can make the difference between a perfect job and a reorder, this cloth’s absorbency and low-linting make the shop experience much smoother.

– Food processing: These facilities benefit from the clean “finishing touch” this wiper provides on equipment and countertops, as well as absorbency for working with water, solvents, sanitizers, and disinfectants.

– Vehicle Painting: When a “showroom look” is essential, vehicle painting companies can rely on the lint free wipes for exterior cleaning and polishing.

Advantage of Our Lint Free Wipes

Many famous company have been covered big market on their effort, we ever heard of the lint free wipes like the below brand:

Tork Wipes: A sca company.

Kimberly-Clark Wipes: Famous with the Waypall Wipes Series

Sontara Wipers: Dupont Sontara has high quality industrial Wipes with their brand, such as Sontara EC.

All these wipes are in high quality, but also in High price. For us, we have the solution for the same high quality but with a much lower price to replace these brand wipes.

Our lint free wipes are absorbent, easily wiping away solvents, grease and oil without falling apart in use. Plus they are solvent free and safe to use with a variety of paint technologies.To provide you with maximum cleaning efficiency, our cleaning and wiping range features rolled and folded formats, as well as handy dispenser boxes to protect cloths from the external environment. Our low lint wipes are also available in different weights, textures and colours depending on your application requirements.


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  1. Yes we would be interested in lint free wipes with high absorbency and strength. (Hydroentangled)
    Also melt blown wipes in white material similar to Kimberly Clarke.
    Also nylon knitted fabrics

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