Non Woven Fabric Price: What influences it?

Customers always want to know a Lowest price of the non-woven products from China, but they received huge different prices from the suppliers.

For this blog, we will talk about the non woven fabric and finished products price, we will show you all the costs so that you can know the approximate costs, to avoid to buy a big price or a low price but with low quality.

Fiber raw material price trend

The main fiber for non woven fabric is PP (62%), polyester (24%) and viscose(6%).

Both PP and Polyester is very close to petrol price, and viscose price is more relative to cotton price.

Below we have a data for the last 9 months for 4 main non woven raw materials in weekly:


                                              Fiber Price 2017-9-10
PP 8900 RMB/Ton
Polyester 8695 RMB/Ton
Viscose 16150 RMB/Ton
Cotton 16070RMB/Ton

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This is the most important factor for the costs of the non woven fabric and products.

The fiber is the main factor to settle the non woven fabric price.


Cost of  Processing Non woven

Each non-woven fabric processing costs is also different, some non woven fabric use the same material but different price, for example:

Chemical Bonded non woven fabric processing costs is about 8000RMB/ton;

Spunlace Non woven Fabric (cross lapped) costs is about 7000RMB/ton;

Needle punched non woven fabric processing costs is about 4000RMB/ton;

It makes that the chemical bonded fabric is more expensive than spunlace and needle punched fabric.

For the spunbond non woven fabric, the processing costs is usually about 2500 rmb/ton.



The exchange rate must be also considered, even sometimes the exchange rate changed too much, not only consider the USD:RMB, but also consider your local currency: USD. Check X-rate to see your exchange rate before your importing.


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