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In recent years, the wet wipes business grow very fast. As the biggest export country, China is also become an important global production base. For this article, we will show you the information and market for the wet wipes,and guide you how to improve your wipes business from China.

With the improvement of consumer life quality  and development of health habits,wet wipes have been gradually because a daily necessity.Sometimes we also call it wet tissue.

The main ingredients of wipes are:

1.Water — refined water, pure water and RO pure water, liquid content accounted for about 80% in the wet wipes;

2.Moisturizer — propylene glycol.It is a solvent, but also a humectant, can help the liquid in the effective substances dissolved in water,so that the water is not easy to volatile,it can be anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion, so almost all the wet towel contains moisturizer;

3.Preservatives – phenoxyethanol, methyl p-hydroxybenzoate and paraben. Wet Wipes contain a lot of water and different substances, in order to maintain the activity of effective substances, we must add preservatives, but usually preservatives content is very low, will not have a negative impact;

4.Antibacterial agent — lactic acid Na, eucalyptus leaves,etc.Antimicrobial agents can eliminate bacteria, inhibit bacterial growth;

5.Non-ionic surfactants — polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil and polyether, detergent and most of the detergent contains non-ionic surfactants, the specific role is used to remove dirt and grease to achieve the role of cleaning.
In addition, there are other natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus leaves essence, natural fungicide chamomile oil, there is the role of soothing and anti-inflammatory; aloe essence, moisturizing effect; and sterilization of alcohol and so on.

The raw material for wet wipes is usually non woven fabric, for baby wipes it mostly use spunlace nonwoven fabric. Also the other material such as cotton knitted fabric sometimes also used for thick wet wipe.

From the usage of the wet wipe, we divide the wipes into 5 types:

  • Personal cleaning wipes

Baby wipes lead this market, but the adult wipes, female hygiene wipes are also grow very fast;

  • Household wet wipes

Kitchen wet wipes is the most important for household, it can replace the traditional cleaning cloths.

  • Pet Wipes
  • Medical alcohol Wipes
  • Industrial Wet Wipes
The World Wet Wipes Market


The wet wipes market grow very fast and nearly increase 6% year by year.

Here is the table for the market from 2009-2014.

Area 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
North Amercia 45.7 47.6 49.5 51.2 54.7 57.4
West Europe 36.8 38.1 37.4 39.0 41.4 43.5
Asia 14.9 16.9 19.0 20.9 22.9 24.0
Others 5.5 5.2 7.7 8.9 8.8 9.3
All 102.9 107.8 113.6 120 127.8 134.2


It is easy to see that the biggest consumer market for wet wipe is developed countries. China also have a good consumer market but only start, but China have a lot of wet wipes manufacturers, not only for the local market but also export.

With the low costs of raw material and labors, China wet wipe have a big competitive. This is why China is also an important global wipes Production base.

How to improve your wet wipes business?

Either you are wet wipes distributor or wet wipes wholesale, it is good for you source from China. Based on years of experience in these market, we have 3 tips for you to improve for this business:

  1. Have a good package – The good looking package make your wipes with high value. If you pack with your private label, you can design your bags with more colors etc. As only the first time it costs 80USD per color for the package, but a good package will make people remember your label easy and sell better;
  2. Keep new things with your wet wipe – look at which is hot sell in the market and never backward the market. The new is something like new material, such as now the flush wet wipe and biodegradable wet wipe is now popular. You can also take action to the market and have a try of this flushable toilet wet wipe as well.
  3. Get a good supplier from China with good price. The wet wipes manufactured by our owned factory with the owned produced non woven material, which made source nonwoven wet wipes costs extra low, we can say that our wet wipes price is the lowest with the same quality in China. Also we can make all solution for your wet wipes requirement.

Contact us at [email protected] for your wet wipes project now.


4 thoughts on “The Best Wet Wipes Supplier in China”

  1. Awesome tips for best wet wipes supplier. I make these homemade wet wipes for use after a sweaty workout. They also come in handy for soccer practices and dirty faced kids!

  2. Hi, i have interest to find a adult wipes .

    I would like to buy 1 container every 2 months of adult wipes.

  3. CleanLIFE is Australia’s specialist wet wipe range, providing plastic-free solutions for everyday use around the home and for personal use. Producing locally made 100% plant-based wipes avoids the carbon emissions created by shipping billions of wet wipes into Australia each year, supporting urgent climate change action.

    Using Australian purified water in all CleanLIFE wipes gives confidence and certainty that no foreign nasties are in the wipes used around families and in homes. Besides the quality of water, we use Australian ingredients, native oils, and extracts to give the CleanLIFE range a unique difference in the fragrances and benefits offered with every wipe.

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