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Every mom knows that a comfy baby is a happy baby. But how to choose a quality baby diapers with lower costs? As an importer or wholesalers for the baby products, how to choose a quality baby diapers manufacturer? This article we will show you the knowledge of the baby diapers and how to choose a right supplier for this products.

What is Baby Diapers?

You may hear or use these brand:

Pampers (P&G,USA)

Huggies (Kimberly-clark, USA)

Merries (Kao, Japan)

Yes, this is the top brand of the baby diapers. There are main 3 types of baby diapers:

1)Diaper sheets(Only a sheet of absorbent paper diaper, no Waist protecting part)

2)Baby Diapers(The most use diapers, absorbent diaper with simple waist protecting part)

3)Pull-Ups(In fact it is a disposable underwear, absorbent diaper with complete waist protecting part)

Although the different brand diapers have different design or material, but the main principle is absorbing urine by paper(now mainly use wood pulp and super absorbent resin),so that the baby’s butt will be dry like this:

The history of baby diapers

The earliest diaper is cotton or other fabric cloths, with repeated folding to improve the water absorption and prevent the effect of leakage,although the traditional diapers fabric permeability is good, but it is hard to dry and you often need to change when it is wet. Its immediate consequence is:


The Modern sense of the diapers, it is said that inspired by the Japanese “ファイルのショール” See the following guy wears:


So that’s why the famous baby diapers brand are from Japan such as “Kao”,“COON”etc. In 1942, the Swedish Bueestrom invented the first diaper, made by plastic and toilet paper. What about the picture?


In 1961, the Soviet astronauts Gagarin entered into the launch capsule,but suddenly he had urgent micturition and have to urinate through the pipe of his space suitcase. In the same year, the US astronaut Shepard also suffered an urgency when he was in the spacecraft which has been usable to launch, then the commander ordered him to urine in the space suit. We know that the space is a weightless environment, and the space suit is almost completely closed, so you can image the bad situation…


In order to solve this hard problem, aerospace scientists invented the diaper. In 1980, known as the “father of space suits,” the Chinese Tang Xinyuan improve the space suit, add polymer absorb so that the diapers can absorb 1400ml water. Then this technology turned to civilian and now thousands of family can use the diaper for their baby.

Now still many people do not know about China and they think china baby do not have baby diapers, they still wear open-crotch pants. I have to say that they do not see the development in China. China imported many baby diapers from Japan every year and also China manufacture a lot of baby diapers, not only for local market but still export a lot. Clever Business man imported the quality baby diaper from China make good money.

Material of Baby diapers

Now let’s talk about the manufacturing of baby diapers

Baby Diaper generally consists of three main components: surface non woven layer, absorbent core and bottom fabric layer.

Surface layer(Top sheet):including the surface of non-woven fabric and anti-side Repellent Non woven Fabric. The most important for this part is improving the breath ability of diapers:discharge the moisture and heat in time to protect the skin of baby. Also the surface non woven fabric must be super soft as this layer is directly to baby skin.

As a non woven expert, we think the following non woven fabric is good for baby diaper production:

Air through non woven fabric with embossing processing

Also some other PP spunbond or other soft non woven fabric like cotton spunlace can be also good for the top layer of baby diapers.

Although the quality of baby diapers is more depended on the absorbent layer, but to use a very good quality surface non woven fabric is also very important!

Absorbent Layer: Including wood pulp, SAP, diversion layer, wet strength paper. this layer is mainly used to quickly absorb, disperse and store urine. The internal material directly determines the quantity of the water absorption.

So this layer is the basis for determining the quality of diapers. Simply speaking, the Pulp and SAP quality ensure the baby diaper quality. Quality manufacturers in China use US fluff Pulp and Japan SAP, with lower labor costs and no advertise investment, the price is very competitive and the quality is the same as the Top Brand.

Here we explain about the SAP — The NEW absorbent material.It has a high water absorption function that absorbs hundreds to several thousand times more water than its own, and has excellent water retention properties. Once the water is swollen into a hydrogel, it is difficult to separate the water even if it is pressurized.

The more quantity of absorbing water, the better quality of baby diapers.

Bottom Layer: mostly it is made of PE breathable film and non woven fabric.
PE breathable film is to prevent leakage of urine, the bottom of  non-woven fabric is to ensure that the breath as much as possible to improve comfort. Determine the permeability is mainly due to the number of ventilation holes in the breathable film.

Here what you need to take care is the glue. Some diapers have a taste of smell, the reason is the manufacturer use a low costs glue,there is no obvious information that it has a harmful effect for baby, but a good diaper is better to use better quality glue as well. Like German Henkel 2801, it smell good.


Now you know the knowledge for the baby diaper, but if you are actually a baby diaper manufacturer? That is great you can source from us for the quality baby diaper material!

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