WP&PET Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

55% Wood pulp +45% Polyester Spunlace Non woven Fabric, 35-80gsm,

Popular in White and Blue color, Good absorbent and Low Linting Material Fabric.


WP&PET Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric

Composition 55% Wood pulp +45% Polyester
Fabric Type Plain(Smooth)
Weight Range 35gsm-80gsm
Width Range 10mm-210mm
Roll Diameter 800-5000meters
Color White,Blue,Turquoise,etc
Product Features Color Fastness, Strong and Durable
Low Lint, Highly Absorbent, Silicone Free, Colorful
Easy and Comfortable to use, Hygiene, etc
Application Washing and wiping the SMT machine
Cleaning Washing the automatic production line
Widely used in electronics and computer industry
Package 8PE Film and Cardboard on Both Side.
Technical Data Sheet Composition: 55% Wood pulp +45% Polyester
Weight Range: 30gsm-120gsm
Jumbo roll width range:100mm-2100mm
Pattern: Plain
Features Silicone-free,Eco-Friendly
High water and oil absorbency
Good tensile and abrasion resistance
Low linting material,nolint after wiping
Solvent resistant
Special material and reusable nature.
Application SMT Wiper Specially designed for wiping the rollers of the steel screen tin printing machine, wipers of different specifications are available for different brands SMT machines. It is an indispensable tool for cleaning and washing the automatic production line
Made of woodpulp and polyester spunlace nonwoven process, which don’t contain any silicone, binders, filers or other chemical additives
Wiping the seriously contaminated equipment and parts
repairing and maintaining the equipment of the production line
Surface treatment combining with the solvent
Cleaning the rough surface,ideal for clean room wiping
Maintaining the automotive and cleaning the surface before painting
Wiping the users themselves


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