PET Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric

PET Spunbond Non woven Fabric also called 100% polyester spunbond non woven fabric

Features: Light weight with High strength ;High air permeability; High elongation; Superior dimension stability; Abrasive and heat resistance; No fraying even in the cutting edge; High hydrophobic and lipophilic properties; Good receptivity of dyes and high printability.


PET spunbond nonwoven fabric

Weight: 10-260g

Width: 160/320cm

Product ‘s Characteristics:

  1. Not loose edge, not deformation, not spot.
  2. Good strength and small differences between machine direction strength and Cross direction  strength.
  3.  Aging resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life.
  4. Recycled and pollution-free.


  • Auto Internal decoration
  •         Filter media
  •         Heat transfer printed material
  •         Home furnishing nonwovens
  •         Mortar poured bag
  •         Used in agricultural and garden
  •         Buliding covering materials
  •         The leather base fabric
  •         Cable covering tape and water-blocking tapes
  •         Water proof materials



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