Spunlace Soft Towel Roll

Soft towel roll is an environment-friendly nonwoven fabric. It is made from 100%viscose – a material from nature, with high-pressure water jet treatment. Soft towel roll is disposable after use, it is biodegradable — degraded by bacteria in soil and reduced to soil, thus cause no pollution to the environment.


Soft Towel Roll


1)Name:   spunlace nonwoven soft towel rolls for SPA

2)Usage:    Home.Spa

3)Material:   Spunlace nonwoven fabric     Weight: 45g/m2-80g/m2

4)Size:      12cmx2 layersx25m, 12cmx2 layersx30   or as your requested

5)Color:    white.yellow.pink.green.blue.


  • Smooth surface, no soft flocks drop; good absorbent of water and other liquid; Soft feel and comfortable; Clean and healthy, safely used, no allergic reactions to humans skin.
  • Made from natural plant fiber, soft and comfortable, tear-off design, pull off naturally, easy to use.
  • Soft and comfortable, could used with the sterilization antibacterial liquid with different formulations at the same time for cleaning the face, hands and baby skin.
  • Disposable, can inhibit bacteria and prevent cross-infection, degradable, no environmental pollution and comply with environmental protection requirements.


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