Pet Wet Wipes

Pet Wet Wipes manufactured by hznonwoven, are cleansing and deodorising grooming wipes for cats and dogs.

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Pet Wet Wipes

Item name: Pet Wipes
Material: Nonwoven spunlace,soft&thick (40,45,50gsm,etc)
ES Air Through Nonwoven (25,30gsm,etc)
Thermal bond nonwoven (22,30,35gsm,etc)
Air laid
Size: 15x20cm,17x20cm,18x20cm,20x20cm or customized
Ingredients: Purified water, medical chemicals:alcohol-free
(aloe vera,vitamin E,milk,lanolin can be added)
Fragrance: Various scents as rose,lemon,orange,lavender,jasmine,powder,straberry,etc
Packing: Flow pack (with plastic lid,without plastic lid and zipper pack)
Plastic tub
Plastic canister
Packaging: 12,24 or 48 packs per carton for flow package
8 or 12 tubes per carton for tub package
12 or 24 canisters per carton for canister package
Features: Gently cleaning,moisturing
PH balanced,hypoallergenic,fragrant & neutral
For use with dogs&cats, animal wet wipes


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