Industrial Wet Wipes

Heavy Duty antibacterial industrial wet wipe which has the ability to remove non-cured paint, adhesives, epoxy, PU foam, oil, grease, and more from hands, tools and surfaces.


Industrial wet wipes in plastic bucket with detergent,  for use on the skin that is both alcohol and lanolin free. These wipes come in a dispenser bucket and the wipes are dispensed from a centre feed roll. C-Folded to fit into the tub but will open up into a large sized hand wipe.

1 tub of 150/240 wipes. Each wipe is 18 x 20cm. or as customer requested

Dual-sided Abrasive Fabric can be used.

Use on grease, oil, Oil and water base paints, silicone & acrylic sealants, PU foam, Epoxy fillers & grouts, inks & permanent marker, Tar and more

Perfect for those in construction, maintenance, workshops, mechanics, engineers, electricians, plumbers, welders, farmers, painters, decorators, printers and all DIY applications


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