N95 Mask Material

High effciency,low resistance
Clean recycled & eco-friendly
100% PP Meltblown


Item BFE95/99, N95/99, FFP1/2/3 melt blown nonwoven fabric
Material 100% Polypropylene
width 1-3m
Color White
Weight 10-300gsm
Pattern Embossed
Color white/bluec
Grade BEF95/99, N95/99, FFP1/2/3
Package one roll into polybags and nylon bags
Note: We also supply the KN95 Mask & 3 Ply Disposabe Face mask.Some with ready in stock.

High strength, small difference at longitudinal and longitudinal direction .

Acid, non-toxic, non-radiation, harmless to human physiology;

With excellent breathability;

Master batch dyeing, never fade

Smooth, bright color, roll slitting, easy use, best quality .


1) Filter material

Gas Filter: medical masks, room air conditioners filter material

Liquid filter: beverage filtration, water filtration

2) Medical & Health Material

Surgical Mask: inner and outer layers with spunbond material, in the middle with meltblown composite (SMS)

3) Environmental protection material (Oil absorbent material)

Meltblown nonwovens used mainly PP material. PP material itself has good oleophilic and hydrophobic. Also, because the meltblown nonwoven became the best choice of absorbing materials. It can absort 17-20 times bigger than its own weight of oil, in environmental protection, you can make absorptions felt, oil filter, etc., are widely used in marine oil spill, plant equipment, sewage treatment and so on.

4) Clothing Materials

Meltblown nonwovens by the microfiber into a net, so its very soft feel. And the fabric of small aperture, high porosity, with very good wind resistance and good air permeability, light weight, is currently doing the best material for clothing insulation materials.


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