Multi-Purpose PP Spunbond Cloths

Made from 100% virgin polypropylene or also can be also add a bit recycle polypropylene



Multi-Purpose PP Spunbond Cloths


100% Polypropylene

Weight 10gsm-260gsm

160-240-320cm, any width you need we can offer

MOQ 1000kgs/color
Dot Design < Diamond ( normal ) > \ < Cross “+” and Sesame Design >
Printed Available
Laminate Available

As per customer’s requirement


1. Eco Bags: shopping bags, suit bags, promotional bags, gift bags, tote bag, etc.
Nonwoven Weight Reference: 40gsm-100gsm

2. Home Textiles: table cloth, disposable cloth, furniture upholstery, pillow & sofa cover, spring pocket, mattress and quilt, dust cover, storage box, wardrobe, one-time hotel slippers, gift packing, wall paper, etc.
Interlining: shoes, garments, suitcase, etc.
Nonwoven Weight Reference: 50gsm-120gsm

3. Medical/ Surgical: surgery cloth, operation gown and cap, mask, shoe cover,etc
Nonwoven Weight Reference: 10gsm-40gsm

4. Agriculture: UV treated products used in agriculture, plant bag, keep fruit warm cover, crop cover/mulch, agricultural antifreeze tents, etc.
Nonwoven Weight Reference: 15gsm-35gsm

5. Car/ Auto cover and upholstery
Nonwoven Weight Reference: 10gsm-200gsm



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