Blue Industrial Wiping Rolls


Blue Woodpulp + Polyester Nonwoven Wipes
Woodpulp+ polyester nonwoven fabric consists of water-absorbent woodpulp and high strength polyester.

The products contain no chemical resin or adhesive and have the features of high strength, durability, good dust and liquid absorbency,high efficiency and lint free etc.

Size for Rolls: 36*30CM*500 Sheets/Roll or requested
Nonwoven Fabric: 68gsm Wood pulp and polyester
Workshop:Wipe the heavy oil stain in the production environment.
Equipment maintenance:Maintenance of equipment in the production line.
Electronic industry:Wipe the electronic products
Printing ink: Wipe solvents, inks and paints since it’s resistant to acid, base and solvent.
Users’ own cleaning:Wipe the users themselves.
Automobile industry:Best oil and water sbsorption wipe, and lint free.
Advantage :  Excellent oil absorption, lint free


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