What is Non woven Bag?A Full detailed Information

Non woven bag is a green product: durable, good looking, breathable, reusable, and washable. You can print ads to any company, any industry as advertising, gifts used for a long term. Consumers get a beautiful non-woven bags when they are in shopping, and the shops have also been invisible advertising. This is good for both of them,thus it makes non woven bag in the market more and more popular.

The non woven bag use non woven fabric as raw material, it is a new generation of environmentally friendly material, with moisture, breathable, flexible, light, non-combustion, easy to break down, non-toxic,non-irritating, colorful, low prices, recyclable and so on.

It is natural biodegradable after the bag place in the outdoor for 90 days, and place in door the life is 5 years. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and without any legacy material when you burn it, which does not pollute the environment.

Raw material for non woven bag

Nearly all of the non woven fabrics can use for non-woven bags, the most popular raw material is PP non woven fabric.(spunbond non woven fabric).

The weight of non woven material made for bags is usually 70-100g. The higher weight of fabric, the more weight capacity of bags.

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Basic process of making non woven bag

Feeding (non-woven fabric roll) → folding → ultrasonic bonding → cutting → make the bag (punching) → waste recycling → counting → stacking

This process is for  fully automotive non woven bag making machine.The fully automated machine can operate by 1-2 workers only. Multi-functional automatic non-woven bag making machine using touch screen operation,it can adjust within a certain range of production speed and product sizes.  At the same time, in order to further achieve energy saving and environmental protection,the machine have remained material recovery function:the production process will collect the bag waste automatically, contribute to the 2nd use, it will reduce the labor and increase the efficiency.

The making types of non woven bag

1. Flat punching bag (D-cut bags)
2. Punching bag with bottom organ
3. Non-woven punching bag with bottom and side organ
4. Handbag
5. Handle bag bottom organ
6. Handle bag bottom and side organ
7. Vest bag
8. Vest bag with bottom and side organ
9. Vest bag with side organ
10.Muzzle bags
11. Laminated bag
12. Special shape of the environmental protection bags


Non woven Bag Printing Options

Non-woven bags use screen printing process mostly, which is often said “silk screen”, which has also been a lot of manufacturers more commonly use printing process. Generally printed, because of the smell printing and the color is easy to fall off, so there are many other new non woven printing methods, here we introduce 3 of them in the market:

Watermark Printing

The printing medium is water-based elastomer. When it printed it mixed with color paste and water-based glue.It can wash the plate without chemical solvents instead of cleaning water.It has good coloring ability, with strong cover and fastness, washable, basically no smell.

Thermal transfer Printing

This is a special printing. This method requires an intermediate medium. The first graphic printed on the thermal transfer film or thermal transfer paper, and then through the transfer device heating the pattern transferred to the non-woven fabric. The medium commonly used in textile printing is a thermal transfer film.Its advantages are: Good print& rich sense of hierarchy,Suitable for small area image printing. The disadvantage is the prints are easy to fall off after a longer time and also the costs is expensive.

Gravure Printing

The finished product processed in this printing is usually calling  a laminated non woven bags.
This process divided into two steps: first use of the traditional gravure printing process will print on the film, and then use the coating process will print on the pattern of film composite in the non-woven fabrics.
General large-scale color pattern printing of non-woven bags are using in this process.
Its characteristics are beautifully printed, full use of machine production, productive time is short.
In addition the product has excellent waterproof performance, the durability of the finished product better than other non woven bags.
The product is stylish and generous, durable, full color, realistic pattern, the disadvantage is that the price more expensive.

The advantages of Non woven Bags

  • More economical

Plastic Bags will begin to gradually withdraw from the packaging market,you can use non-woven shopping bags again and again for a long time. Non-woven bags are easier to print patterns than plastic bags, and are more vivid in color. You can also consider in non woven bags more beautiful patterns and advertising,the final costs is much lower and it can bring more obvious advertising benefits.

  •  More durable

Traditional PE bag, in order to save costs so the material is very thin and it is easy to break.But if make it more firm, it is necessary to spend more costs.
The emergence of non-woven bags solve all the problems, toughness, easy to wear. There are a lot of laminated non-woven shopping bags, not only hard, but also waterproof, good hand feeling and also looks beautiful.
Although the cost is more expensive than one PE bag, but the service life of a non-woven shopping bag can reach hundreds, or even thousands of plastic bags.

  • More promotional advertising effect

A beautiful non woven bag is not just a commodity bag. You will like its exquisite appearance, and it can be also a simple and fashion shoulder bag, it also looks good in the street. Now many people takes the non woven bags outside, when you print your company logo or advertising, more and more people will see it and you will get more orders from this small investment.

  • More Environmentally friendly

Non woven fabric is green product, as said before the spunbond PP can recycle in 3 months. So it is no harmful with the environment. The repeated use of non-woven bags, greatly reducing the pressure of waste conversion. If more and more people use the non woven bags, it can be also effect the people to protect the environment of the earth.

Difference between non woven bags and woven bags?

From the advantage of the non woven bags, we can see the difference between non woven bags and plastic bags.

Woven bags mainly has Polyester bag,Velvet bag,Canvas bag and cotton bags.Woven bags can used for more longer time than non woven bags, and it can be washable more times than non woven bags.

Just it is more expensive than non woven bags.

How to import non woven bags with your non woven bag wholesale?

Non woven bags is now very popular and the business of non-woven bags are growing very fast. Many many small plants start their non woven bag business.

You or your customers may need some non woven bags, such as used for promotion, gift etc. The quantity maybe not too much such as several thousands piece. Is this quantity worth to import from China? The answer is actual yes. Because when you source from local, the costs is much higher and the manufacturers maybe not so flexible with small quantity.

Then we have 3 tips for you to get a good non woven bag supplier in China:

  • To search a supplier in non woven bags producing origin

According to incomplete statistics, more than 50% Chinese non woven bags is made in Zhejiang Province. we know that wenzhou city produce the most non woven bag in Zhejiang. So here in Zhejiang province you can source good quality non woven bag with cheaper price.

  • To communicate with the non woven supplier effectively

When you source the non woven manufacturer in Google or find the supplier on B2B, you may buy from a trading company not a real manufacturer, because most of the non woven bags factory do not export by themselves. It does not matter if the sales is very professional.

But if the supplier cannot communicate smoothly, it may cause problem with the order process.You need to change even the price is satisfied by you.

  • To get a sample approve is usually need for the non woven bags

Like other business, to confirm a good quality sample is needed. Also if you are the first time to import, to get a sample again (with printing) before shipping is important. Thus you can confirm you get a right goods.


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