Thermal Bonded Nonwoven Fabric

Thermal Bonded Nonwoven Fabric, also called thermal bonding of nonwoven fabric.

It is made by short staple fibers, like ES, PP.

It is very soft material, can be used in interlining Garment, napkin, wipes etc.


Thermal Bonded Nonwoven Fabric

1. Exceedingly comfortable, it effectively avoids the shortcomings of PE apertured film which is less comfortable and
can easily cause allergy.

2. With unique strikethrough process technology, it ensures the product with a feel of being dry, fresh and cool as
well as a quick strikethrough.

3. Having a strong three-dimensional feel, it has a good effect against rewet.

4. With a high apertured film design, it enables blood clots and mucous membranes, etc. to strike through the layers
and to keep the surface dry and clean.


Product Specification
Colour white white
Based Weight23+-2g22.8
Through Time(S)≤3First :1.42; Second:2.12; Third:2.25
Wet Back(g)≤0.20.1352
Breaking TensileMD: ≥2034.51
CD: ≥1220.16
Breaking Elongation(%)MD: \57.88
CD: \69.62
Connected Regain(roll)≤5None
Roll Length(m)15001500
Bacteria count(cfu/ml)≤200None
Fungal count(cfu/ml)≤100None
Escherichia coli count(cfu/ml)NoneNone


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