Non woven Polyester Fabric

100% Polyester Non woven Fabric

With different types of polyester non woven fabrics


Non woven Polyester Fabric

Different types of 100% Polyester Non woven Fabric we supplied:

100% Polyester Spunlace Fabric | Polyester Spunbond Fabric |100% Polyester Chemical Bonded Fabric | 100% Polyester Needle punched Fabric

All the types of the polyester nonwoven is suitable for:

Filter materials

Medical and hygiene products

Construction materials

Telecom products

Agricultural fabric, and more.

Based on your different demand of the polyester non woven fabric, we can offer you the different solution to match your requirement.

Also our nonwoven polyester fabric is available with a variety of fabric treatment options such as:

Anti-static;Biodegradable;Embossing;Custom machined colors;Dry cleaning resistance;Flame Retardant;Heat sealability;Hydrophilic;Hydrophobic;Printing and so on.



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