Disposable Bed Sheet Rolls


Draw Sheet Examination Paper Roll For Hospital /Hotel examination bed paper roll / hospital paper bed roll/ disposable paper sheet roll for massage and doctor treatment table/exam paper table roll/ disposable paper sheet roll/ PE coated exam paper roll.

Item:Hygienic Disposable Bed Sheet For Hospital And Spa

Material:Tissue based bed covers, Disposable

Size:50cm x 50cm, 61/76.2/91.4cm x 100 mtr or ant size at the buyers’ options

Package:each roll shrink wrapped

Detailed Applications:

1. Widely used in clinic, hospital, restaurant, food processing, beauty salon, electronic industry, etc.

2. Cleaning, medicine check, food processing, health care, housework, home cleaning, beauty salons, camping barbecue etc.

3. Popular by global customers with its distinct properties, which can be dust-proof, oil-proof, dirt-proof, protect skins, and mainly used in food and medical industries.

4. Designed for hygiene, Cleaning, and protection purpose, each roll is shrink wrapped, and available in 1 ply and 2 ply in varied dimensions

Salient Features:

1. Saved daily cleaning and drying cost

2. Eliminates contamination from reusable cloth bed sheets

3. Use and throw, large size rolls save human effort, time and maintenance costs

4. Superior wet-strength ensures they do not shred even when wet

5. Totally chlorine-free manufacturing process and FDA- compliant raw materials make them completely safe on food and skin


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