Cotton Floor Cloth

cotton floor mop cleaning cloth

Made by recycle Cotton non wovens.


A traditional sturdy absorbent cotton cloth designed for cleaning the floor, although it can also be used for handling warm pots and pans. Great for mopping up spills. Wash before use.

Material: Cotton ,polyester. With any ratio

Color: White ,Blue ,Yellow ,Gray

Weight Range: From 100g/m2 to 500g/m2

Thickness Range: From 0.5mm to 4mm

Jumbo Rolls : Roll width Range: 10cm to 300cm Normal Roll Length: 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m; Package Details: Strong poly bag or Woven bag.

Piece by piece: 50*40cm, 50*60cm, 50*70cm, 50*80cm

Package Details: Each set in a full color (6 colors) printed PP bag ,(Thickness of bag 40mic),according to the buyer’s artwork.

1pcs in a sealed opp bag with full-color printing on it according to Buyer’s artwork;

10 sets per big opp bag with sticker on it as inner packaging,

5 inner polyabgs per master carton etc.

Quantity: One 20GP – 3000 to 4000kgs; One 40HQ- 7000 to 8000kgs.

Feature :

1.The surface of Cotton Wiping Cloth Rag is uniform, compact, soft and tough.

2.Cotton Wiping Cloth Rag will not be moldy and rot; its service life is more than 5 times of the service life of ordinary cotton yarn.

3.Easy to wash, durable, vacuuming and water absorption. Dry and wet for easy cleaning.

4.Strong water absorption, not easy to shrink, no water marks after dragging, strong detergency, wide applicability, environmental protection and easy decomposition

5.The low shrinkage of the Cotton Wiping Cloth Rag, the low shrinkage of the product ensures that the cotton Rag will not deform after prolonged use.

6. When the object is wiped, the object will not be damaged, no water marks will be left after rubbing, no chemical drugs will be contained, bacteria will not be produced, and it is safe and hygienic.

7. Dry and wet use, can easily remove oil, water, dust, etc., leaving no traces. It is soft and comfortable after moistening. It absorbs oil and absorbs water. It does not damage the articles, does not mold, does not smell, does not hide dirt, does not breed bacteria, and has antibacterial and antibacterial functions.


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