100% Viscose Rayon Non woven Fabric

Made-in-order 100% Viscose Rayon Non woven Fabric with different types: spunlace, needle punched and chemical non woven non woven fabric.For Different Solution with right quality.Factory Price from Quality China manufacturer.


Viscose staple fiber is a natural cellulose fiber, non woven fabric made by pure Viscose (Rayon) has high absorbent.

The non woven fabric made by 100% Viscose can be:

100% Viscose Spunlace Non woven Fabric –  Widely used for disposable towels, Magic towels and wipes etc.

100% Viscose Needle punched Non woven Fabric – For household wipes, medical pads and so on.

100% Viscose Chemical Bonded Non woven Fabric –  Widely used wiping cloths.

Viscose non woven is biodegradable and soft. SourceNonwoven offers different types of Viscose fabric with full width/weight/colors.


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