Medical Non woven Fabric – Analysis of Medical Market

What are non woven fabric for medical application?

Currently, the output of medical non woven fabric is increased very quick.The total consumption of nonwovens in medical applications is expected to reach 351,000 tons by the end of this year, up from 264,000 in 2012, according to research firm Smithers Pira. Consumption is expected to rise to 427,000 tons in 2023. The value of this market in 2018 is $1.33 billion, rising to $1.54 billion in 2022.

The market turns bigger and grow quite fast, because the end-user of the non woven products run fast.Below is the main non woven madical products: Medical Nonwoven Disposables Market (Product – Surgical Products (Drapes, Gowns, Caps, and Masks), Wound Dressings (Bandages, Tapes, Post-operative Wound Dressings, Dressing Pads, and Operative Wound Dressings), and Incontinence Products (Under Pad Diapers and Diapers); Material – Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Acetate, Rayon, Polyamides & Polyesters, and Acrylic; End Users – Hospitals, Nursing homes, Consumer & Home Healthcare, Clinics, and Ambulatory Surgical Centers). The disposable nonwoven products can be made by all types of non woven fabrics included spunbond, meltblown, spunlace, needle punched and chemical bond non woven fabric.

Surgical drapes and gowns

The Future of Global Nonwovens to 2022, the largest single use for disposable nonwovens in the medical market is surgical drapes and gowns; but as the fear of infectious diseases continue to grow worldwide, other applications, like face masks, are expected to grow rapidly.

That means in medical field, we will have a huge demand for the medical using spunbond non woven Fabric., both made by Polypropylene  and Polyester. Spunbond has the various colors and also have very good strength which is the best suitable to make the surgical drapes and gowns. In fact, the SMS non woven fabric is exactly mainly for the surgical gown production.

These medical spunbond non woven fabric is also printable,you can make more flexible mask & cap products.With the simply spunbond technic and low costs raw material, all these medical non woven fabric and finished goods are affordable and sell fast.

Wound Dressings

Non-woven wound dressings are dry woven or non-woven sponges and wraps with varying degrees of absorbency, based on design. Fabric composition may include cotton, polyester or rayon. Available sterile or non-sterile in bulk and with or without an adhesive border. They are used for cleansing, packing and covering a variety of wounds.

Source Nonwoven formulation and manufacturing capabilities provide nonwovens that are absorbent, anti-bacterial, soft, and liquid repellent – ideally suited for wound dressing products. Our nonwovens can be developed in a variety of colors, textures, and thicknesses, making them suitable for a wide range of wound dressing products.

Medical Wipes Products

Dry & wet wipes in medical application is required.

All these kinds of wipes are applied in the big clinics, hospitals, etc. These wipes are very hygienic by nature.

Uses of all these different kinds of medical wipes:

  • Alcohol wipes: These wipes are used in the hospitals as a disinfectant meant for protection of the body tissues from the entry of the germs.
  • IPA surface cleaning wipes: These wipes are used in the hospitals to clean the tables, trolleys, counter-tops, computer, x-ray machines, etc.
  • Surface cleaning wipes: these wipes are meant for the cleaning of the floor or the surface.
  • Hand sanitizing wipes: These wipes, as the name suggests are used for cleaning of hands
  • Antibacterial wipes: These wipes are used by the individuals, so as to kill the bacteria and the germs.
  • Incontinence wipes: These wipes are meant for soothing and he refreshing skin, so as to protect it from any effect due to irritation. They are used, so as to make an individual free from allergies.


Nonwoven medical textiles have become indispensably important in surgery and medicine; the range of uses for this material is a testament to its incredible versatility and adaptability. The products made possible by this technology may appear to be the realm of the technologically knowledgeable.

But that perception belies the fact that everyone, at one point or another, will benefit from this technology. Nonwoven medical textiles, therefore, aren’t just something for the medical industry to appreciate but, rather, something everyone needs to be openly thankful for and appreciative of.


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