Dry Wipes: A different Solution

Reasons we use a dry Wipes

People usually say that “Non woven is a good option to replace the plastic”.When we read the news, we can easily find that the plastic is so harmful, many countries not only the rich but also the developed, the government make a lot of effort to forbid the single use plastic, see the below link of news:

Canada plans to ban ‘harmful’ single-use plastics by 2021 (https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/10/americas/canada-single-use-plastics-intl-hnk/index.html)

Another Big US City is Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags (https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/another-big-us-city-banning-single-use-plastic-bags/)

India’s Narendra Modi Vows to Ban All Single-Use Plastic by 2022(https://time.com/5302732/india-ban-single-use-plastic/)

All these news shows us a natural products will be the further included the wipes. Currently a pure natural wet wipes is very more and more popular in the market, we also think a dry wipe might be a another viable option.

A Dry Wipes: Give a natural Option

Based on years of wet wipes in the abroad market, source nonwoven developed the dry wipes that can be used as a baby care product or a general cleaning tool. The most important is that the wipes must be natural, soft and customed.

Natural DRY Wipes

The first raw material we choose is the cotton which is the most original material. As cotton is a plant that gets stronger when wet, Cotton’s natural ability to absorb water makesit the perfect fiber to creat a cleaning, they are biodegradable, it is good for all cleaning and the earth as well.

Besides, we also use the bamboo & viscose fiber, which is a cheaper option than pure cotton, but these fiber are certificated to be biodegradable. Below we already use the bamboo fibers to make the flushable liners:

Disposable diaper liners
Disposable diaper liners

The Dry Wipes is more flexible than wet wipes, not only it can be put into the hot water to be a hot wet wipes, but also the flexible in production:

  1. Size: usually a wet wipes size is less than 30*26cm, but we can make any size with dry wipes, not limited;
  2. Flexible Package: You can use any idea with your packing, like polybag,cotton bag, box, rolls. etc.
  3. print your logo on cloths or package is available.

Please contact us for quotes or idea if you want to lauch the dry wipes.

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