Automatic Blanket Wash Cloth

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Automatic blanket wash cloth roll is a non-woven and spunlaced fabric which has been especially developed to keep presses running effectively. It is high absorbency and low linting, removing inks and solvents from the blanket quickly and completely. Its superior wet strength compared to inferior cloths means that presses can deliver high quality work and improvements on productivity.


Replace sontara automatic blanket wash cloth print cleaner

Material: 45% polyester + 55%cellulose (original wood pulp)

Nonwoven Technics: Spunlace


Feature: Anti-Bacteria, Anti-Static, Breathable, Eco-Friendly, Fusible, Water-Soluble

Weight: 45gsm~70gsm, 45gsm~70gsm

Color: white, blue,lake blue

Application: printer cleaning

Usage: disposable blanket wash cloth

  1. Anti static electricity
  2. Absorb water and oil efficiently; decontaminate and clean efficiently.
  3. High wet strength and dry strength; high anti-acids capacity
  4. Low dust; high dust-containing capacity
  5. Soft material; no scratches left on the surface after the cleaning
  6. Printing wash cloth roll suitable for all kinds of offset printing machines such as: Heidelberg, Ryobi, Motsubishi, Komori, Sakurai
  7. Available in jumbo and mini rolls
  8. Paper core or plastic core

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  1. lazaro Corona

    Information about your products is very good. I will put order for Automatic blanket wash cloth roll

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