Non woven Fabrics In Filtration

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Non woven Fabrics In Filtration

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Do you want to know the knowledge of the non woven fabric usage in filtration? Which kind of non woven fabric will suit for your filter products? And what non woven filter product is good for your business? This blog we will show you a complete detail.

Filtration is divided into two key end use segments—air(dry), and liquid(wet)—which are further broken down into myriad subsegments and end use categories. In the air filtration segment, nonwovens compete with a wide range of other materials including paper, fiberglass and wovens in applications including dust collection at large industrial installations, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, carburetors, vacuum cleaners and air cabin filters. Common nonwoven technologies include spunlace, meltblown and needle punched. On the liquid side of the industry, applications include pool and spa filters, oil and lubricant filtration, water filtration, tea bags and coffee filters and blood filtration. Nonwoven technologies commonly used in this subsegment include spunlace, meltblown and spunbonded.(from

Now let’s see each kind of non woven fabric used in filter:

Spunlace Non woven Fabric in Filtration

Spunlace fabric can be used in both air and liquid filtration. With special treatment or process, the spunlace fabric can be good filter material cloth.

1) The apertured (8/10/22 mesh) spunlace with very hard handfeeling(stiff binder) works good in air filter

apertured spunlace used in air filter

apertured spunlace used in air filter

2) Spunlace fabric used for liquid comes to plain, the popular one is 100% polyester spunlace(with low melt polyester fiber),used in food industry, to filter the milk,juice etc. Some special usage like filter the high temperature liquid can use 100% Aramid spunlace non woven fabric.

Chemical Bond Non woven Fabric in Filtration

Like spunlace, chemical bond non woven fabric can be also used in dry and wet. The most popular is dust mask production.

chemical bond non woven fabric for filter

chemical bond non woven fabric for filter

Needle Punched Non woven Fabric for Filtration

The polyester or pp needle punched felt is the most non woven fabric used in filter industry. Most of the filter bags are made by needle punched fabric.

needle punched fabric for filter application

needle punched fabric for filter application


Other non woven fabric like spunbond, meltblown non woven fabric are all suitable for this application. See our website of non woven fabric products as we can supply you all:

Filter bag

Besides the filter mesh and some mask products, the most popular for non woven in Filtration could be the filter bag.

The dust collector Filter bags and liquid filter bags can be made by different non woven fabrics such as spunlace, spunbond etc, the most material could be the needle punched non woven fabric.

Need the finished non woven filter products? Source from us is your good option, we can provide you high quality product and low costs.

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