Medical Disposables Supplies in China: Find Cheap & New from quality manufacturer

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Medical Disposables Supplies in China: Find Cheap & New from quality manufacturer

Are you in Medical Disposables Market?

Do you import the Medical Disposables  products or want to do this business?

Then it is value for you to read this blog, we will show you a complete range of non woven Medical Disposables products and also talk about the Medical Disposables manufacturers in China.

XiaoTao – The most Disposables Protective Products factories based

If you do disposable medical product business, you must know this city Xiaotao – The world’s largest disposable non-woven protective product production base. Now also some other place like Anhui and Jiangsu Province also manufacture this kind of products,but these companies is still not as professional and concentrated as Xiaotao company.

Although xiaotao’s disposable business start only from 1990s which is not early, but it grows rather fast. The biggest chance for the development is SARS in 2003, the disposable mask production make xiaotao’s industry have an explosive growth. Till 2017, Xiantao non-woven production values nearly 43.5 billion USD, and more than 1,000 disposable products enterprises in Xiaotao city. Also the most famous town named Pengchang. In Xiaotao, you can find all the non-woven disposable protective product for medical application: caps, mask, clothes,footwear etc.

How can you find a factory in Xiaotao?

You can easy to find a supplier for your disposable goods in the internet. We suggest you can use alibaba to find a China manufacturer supplier.When you are using in Google you mostly find a trading company, as most of the disposable product companies do not export the goods by themselves, they do not have professional international salesman. From the map, you can find that Xiaotao city is local in the middle of China,about 100kms to Wuhan city. When you import your disposable goods, you need to ship from the inland port-FOB Wuhan. Through Yangtze River to shanghai sea port.

Because of inconvenient traffic, some customers do not know how to visit a factory in Xiaotao. In fact it is a bit hard and it’s always a long travel. First you need to take to Wuhan,by air or train. And then you can take fast train to Xiaotao. Below you can see all the train trips from Wuhan to Xiaotao, it takes around 1 hour.

Trips Departure Time
Arrival Time
Time Departure station
Arrival station
D366 07:39-08:55 1:16 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D5936 07:48-09:06 1:18 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D5819 07:58-08:44 0:46 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D5972 08:01-09:17 1:16 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D5996 08:25-09:36 1:11 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D5852 09:33-10:45 1:12 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D3077 11:09-11:53 0:44 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D2236 11:38-12:52 1:14 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D5716 12:30-13:30 1:00 WuChang-XiaoTao West
D2213 13:32-14:26 0:54 HanKou-XiaoTao West
G307 13:55-14:43 0:48 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D2217 14:39-15:29 0:50 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D2269 14:53-15:38 0:45 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D2232 15:04-16:33 1:29 Wuhan-XiaoTao West
D2247 15:16-16:01 0:45 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D2271 15:22-16:17 0:55 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D3081 18:34-19:25 0:51 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D5821 19:07-19:51 0:44 HanKou-XiaoTao West
D5823 19:13-20:03 0:50 HanKou-XiaoTao West

Since we have been to Xiaotao hundreds of times, it is an easy way if you can work with us: See the full main disposable products made in Xiaotao we supplied:

Head Protection (Disposable caps)

The non woven caps can be not only for medical like disposable surgical caps,but also can for disposable shower caps and disposable chef caps.

In Xiaotao, manufacturers make billions of caps every day, if one day they stop people in US will not disposable cap to wear.  The material mostly light weight spunbond, but also some other non woven material, many color and types for your choose.

Facial Protection (Disposable mask)

Disposable mask has the biggest market and also the quantity. In China the N95 mask and PM2.5 mask is the hottest search keywords.

Disposable mask can be surgical mask for doctor, but also for the common mouth mask to protect from bad air.

Various of different types with 1ply/2ply/3ply/4ply etc, colors, material. You can look for the cheap option for your customers.

Body Protection(Surgical Gown&Disposable Coveralls )

The disposable clothing made by non wovens: surgical gown, disposable lab coat, disposable coverall and disposable apron.

More than 80% disposable clothes are made by SMS, but also it can be made by spunlace. To improve the quality, some company use SMMS, SMMMS non woven fabric, HTJH non woven even invest the SSMMS non woven fabric which made by Reicofil productive machine line.

Nowadays the manufacturers in China can match the high quality requirement for the medical & industrial clothing with a lower costs.

Foot Protection (disposable covers)

Medical Disposable Shoe Foot Covers is made of high quality Polyethylene. Applicable to clean dust-free environment. It can be customized with different weight of material and color.  Used in medical examination,food processing, and daily house using.

Visited our product details from our medical disposable catalogue:

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