How to get Non woven import from China? A full Guide to show you to buy non wovens

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How to get Non woven import from China? A full Guide to show you to buy non wovens

Either you are buying or want to import the non woven project from China,you must be very interesting in the details about the China nonwoven market. Here this blog we want to show you about the China nonwoven you may never know.

Why should import the nonwoven items from China?

The non woven industry in China is developed very later, in the early 1980s, the turnout of non woven fabric in China is less than 10 thousand tons.But from the year of 2000, the development is very fast and grow more than 8-10% per year. See the below table of 2004-2015 output of non woven fabric in China:

In 2017 we can expect that China manufacturer can make more than 5 million tons of non woven Fabric.

Also we see another table about the China non woven fabric exported quantity:

The turnout and exporting quantity is growing very fast year by year. In 2016 the non woven fabric exported value is more than 26+ Billions USD dollors and in fact it is not included the whole nonwoven items but fabric only. The whole non woven items could be more than 40+ billions.

China is world largest manufacturing country,also the biggest exporting country. With the low costs and government encourage export, you can import nonwoven goods from China with very cheap price.

Where I can find good manufacturers for the non woven?

If you know China well, you should know that east of China is richest area and more than 80% factory are in east. Similarly, nonwoven industry is also in east of China: from the data of government,more than 80% nonwoven manufacturers is in Zhejiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province and Shangdong Province.

Even for some fine sorted products, it also have its industrial agglomeration, here we take 3 cities for example:

  • Wenzhou City, Zhejiang – Non woven Bags

Wenzhou is an advanced city, it has famous printing town and packing town.Also thousands of non woven bags factory are in Wenzhou city. You can get various of non-woven bags with difficult printing but also cheapest price here. In addition here you can more non woven bag machine manufacturer, and the PP spunbond non woven fabric manufacturer as well. The short distance make the easy advantages.We take 3 hours by train to wenzhou from Hangzhou.

  • Xiaotao City, Hubei – Medical disposable products

Xiaotao is in the middle of China, but this city is very famous for nonwoven disposable products, it is the world largest disposable non-woven protective products productive base.Based on a lower labor costs and all city people concentrated in the nonwoven medical disposable, these products have a good advantage in Xiantao. The most popular town named Pengyang town. Some people say that if pengyang stop to produce disposable map, then people have no disposable map to wear. You can source cheaper and all medical disposable things in Xiaotao easily. We also 4 hour to Xiaotao by train.

  • Hangzhou City, Zhejiang – Spunlace Nonwoven Fabric & Wipes

Hangzhou is a best E-Commerce city in China. But it is also famous with the textile industry. You can also find a lot of nonwoven fabric manufacturing in Hangzhou. Hangzhou has the most spunlace non woven fabric manufacturers in China, and also the nonwoven converting factory, especially its prefecture-level city – Linan city, which make a lot of non woven wipes. Jiangsu Province and Shaoxing city which is also near to Hangzhou which effect their nonwoven industry develop fast. Our company is exactly local in Hangzhou.

How to import the nonwoven from China?

Before you import the any goods from China you need to do some preparing working. First please find a transporter who can clear the goods for you or maybe handle your shipment. Then you need to check the HS code so that you can know the final costs for the nonwoven products you will import. Below we list some popular non woven items(all non woven fabric is 5603,just for different weight):

From the table you can see the Tax rebate is high, China export too many textile products, the government encourages people to export the textile included non wovens.

At last, you can source a good manufacturer for your importing of non woven. Remember what you need and see where you can find the quality factory easy. You also have a more simple way is work with us.


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