Hot Topic — Flush

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Hot Topic — Flush

In china, the Moist Toilet Paper are hot using in some family. People like it because its topic of environmental protection. It is 100% flush and it can throw away directly to toilet.

Not only in China, but the market for flushable wipes continues to grow, fueled by consumers’ need for convenience and cleanliness, in markets ranging from moist toilet tissue to feminine hygiene to adult incontinence to toddler care.  From Smithers Apex(UK) research, the global market for flushable wipes is $1.4 billion nowadays.

Flush Non woven Material

Nonwovens made with wetlaid/spunlace are leading the way in the development of flushable wet wipes, in particular moist toilet tissue.

Who are the leading flushable material suppliers?

“Kimberly-Clark’s airlaid pulp/binder technology, which use by its external businesses, Suominen’s Hyrdraspun made through a wetlaid-spunlace-thermal bonding products, and Georgia-Pacific/Buckeye’s Airspun non-triggered airlaid nonwovens are the three main substrates use within the wipes market  but more technologies are emerging as interest in flushability is expanding.” (From report by Karen McIntyre).

In China we also have many manufacturers who make quality flushable non woven fabrics with lower price. Then What fibers does this flush non woven fabric made so that it can be flush within several days?

flushable non woven fabric

Flushable non woven fabric

Usually we say that Petroleum based fiber can not flushable, like polyester & PP. But the viscose, pulp, cotton, etc is natural and flush. Even now these fiber material costs is in lower price level, which made by the final products- flushable wipes is more and more popular and acceptable.

The Hot Product- Flushable Wipes

Earlier generations of products deemed flush, like moist toilet tissue, were determined to be flush because of their size and ability to pass through a septic system but newer generations, subject to testing, have to be truly dispersible based on their composition. So now all the flushable wipes could be made by true flush material.

In 2001,Kimberly-Clark started to sell “Cottonelle Rollwipes”, it is the first flush wipes, but the sales is not good enough, but turned several years the brand “Cottonelle”is hot. Now many companies produce the flush wipes as it is a hot product in market, like P&G, SCA and Rockline Industries(base in Sheboygan, WI) etc.

Moist Toilet Paper

Moist Toilet Paper

China also manufacture many flush wipes both for exported and local market. The wet wipes manufacturer can meet different size and requirement, to provide the private label products for you. Check the below link to see various of wet wipes we supply for customers:

Wet Wipes 


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