Why Us

Before cooperated with us, you may be:

It is easy to source the products you need from internet, but some of China manufacturers do not export by themselves,even they do, their sales do not familiar with the non woven well. Sometimes it is difficult to communication well with the suppliers, it is waste of your time too much.

To work with the buying non woven, you may meet the following problems:

  1. Need to source more than 10+ different items and may also compare with 10+ Suppliers, which is huge works to do. Also sometimes you take a long time to find a new supplier;
  2. The supplier can not keep the delivery time and you are tried to hear their excuses and push them;

Some Customers have bad experience to import goods from China, because they received bad quality or wrong quality products. Even few customers buy from the cheater and they never receive their goods. On this occasion they lose a lot of money and lose confidence to import from China. To get a service from a QC company is a good option, but they are usually too expensive and they are also not good at non woven knowledge.

Sourcenonwoven team want to work with your benefit at first, our advantage as below:

  • Specialty: All our team members are non woven expert, we know your needs well and even give your more suggestion for reference.
  • Faster: We do actively for your inquiry, you can get your buying solution in short time.
  • Safety: Not only a sourcing company, but also we are an inspection company. We check all the goods quality before shipping and you will receive a complete quality report for each order. We never let you lose.
  • Flexible: We can work all the non woven requirement and with a low MOQ. To work with many different manufacturers, we have a flexible price & lead time, you never wait for a long time.
  • Service: With a high quality service, we only charge 3-5% as fees, no more fee for quality inspection, managing shipment and other services.

After work with us, you will excite like this: