Spunlace Nonwoven

We are leading spunlace fabric manufacture in China and we provide all spunlace for different application.

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Dry Wipes

We produce non woven wiping cloths with different materials, any size and package can be customized.

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Wet Wipes

We make priavte label wet wipes such as baby wipes, makeup wet wipes and industrial wet wipes etc.

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About Us

Hangzhou Source Nonwoven Co.,Ltd is a son company of Hangzhou Nonwoven Supply Limited, who is a factory of spunlace and wipes since 2011.

SourceNonwoven is aimed to provide affordable solution for all non wovens and become a famous sourcing company in non woven industry. We have a highly trained sales team with profound knowledge of non woven fabrics & products, also we have the best and most non wovens resources in China, so we are very professional and flexible for your non woven product enquiry.Not only our own manufactured spunlace products, we offer all non wovens used in hygiene, package, medical, furniture,construction,and FILTRATION industry etc.

One Targeted Inquiry - One Perfect Solution! Because non woven products are consumer goods, based on our stable quality and service, most of our customers keep the sustainable cooperation with us for long terms.

We are looking forward to hearing & working with you!

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